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When you need a document notarized and time, schedules, physical limitations or location make it difficult, I come to you.  My commitment to you is professional, confidential, caring, and reliable service.

The following documents are a sample of the many documents I can notarize for you, your loved one, or your client.  Scroll down for additional information regarding documents that need to be notarized.

Power of Attorney and certified copies of Power of Attorney

Estate Planning, Trusts, Trust Certifications, Living Trusts

Health Care Directives, Medical Directives

Wills (only when prepared by an attorney)

Medical Records

Request for Vital Records

Real Estate Documents, Homes, Timeshares, Condo's, Town Homes, Etc. 

Deeds - Quit Claim Deed, Grant Deed, Deed of Trust and others

Loans - Refinance, Purchase, HELOC

Auto Loans, Boat Loans

Traffic School Tests

Vehicle Impound Release

Permission for Minors to Travel

Construction - Waivers, Claims, Releases upon Payment

Adoption - Medical, Employer Verification, Background, etc.

Some Business Documents

Affidavits and Jurats


Oaths and Affirmations

Request for Birth Certificate

Documents that call for notary stamp and Acknowledgement


   and many more . . .

Samples of documents that CANNOT be notarized:

Copies of Vital Records (birth, death, marriage certificates)

Fax's without original signature

Blank or incomplete documents

Immigration documents

Wills (unless authorized and directed by an attorney)

More information regarding the types of documents that need to be notarized:

Some documents may not be legally enforced if there is not a notarization.  The reason behind this is to protect the public from fraud.  A notary ensures that the person signing the document is actually the person named on the document and is not being forced to sign against their will.  Legal documents typically require a notarization.

A common type of document that needs a notary to witness is a document that transfers the assets of one person to another.  These documents are wills, deeds and trusts.

Medical documents are also a common document that needs to be notarized.  Living wills are very common.  These explain what medical treatment a person wishes to have or not have should the person become unable to explain it themselves.  To prevent disputes between family and friends, the doctors will have to abide by the wishes of the patient.

A power of attorney is another legal document that requires a notary witness.  This gives another person the power to act on behalf of another person.  This can be for certain tasks or a certain amount of time.  The document must be notarized in order to be accepted by banks and courts of law.

Many times there are long distance agreements in which the parties are not able to be in the same place at the same time to have documents notarized.  In an instance like this, it is imperative that the signers have their signatures notarized individually.

These are a few examples as to why a document needs to be notarized..

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