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Mobile Notary, Serving the San Gorgonio Pass Area and Beyond.

Identification Requirements

Identification policies and standards are set by the State of California.

The ONLY Acceptable Forms of Identification must be original, current or issued

within the last five years. Photocopies are NOT acceptable.

Note: On documents that have the signers name pre-printed on the document, that individual's identification MUST match the name printed on the document.  For example, the name on the ID must be greater than, or equal to the name on the document.  If the name on the ID is less that that printed on the document, it cannot be notarized. Acceptable forms of ID are listed below.

*   An original identification card or drivers license issued by the California DMV.

*   An original passport issued by the United States of America.

The following additional forms of identification must also be current, or issued within the last five years, AND must contain a photograph and description of the person named on it, signed by the person, and bear a serial or other identifying number:

*   A passport issued by a foreign government and STAMPED by U.S. INS or CIS.

*   A drivers license issued by another state, or by a Canadian or Mexican public agency              authorized to issue drivers licenses.

*   An identification card issued by another State.

*   A United States Military Identification card with the required photograph, description, signature and identifying number.

*   An inmate identification card issued by the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, if the inmate is in custody.

*   An employee identification card issued by an agency or office of the State of California, or by an agency of office of a city or county in California.

"Credible Witnesses" may be used when a signer does not possess an acceptable form of identification.  This method requires TWO people who personally know the signer and have acceptable forms of ID.  They cannot be related to the Signer or named in the documents.


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